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From Mythology to Reality: Moving Beyond Rastafari

From Mythology to Reality

The Rastafari movement always presents itself as an Afrocentric religious faith. But is that really the case? From Mythology to Reality: Moving Beyond Rastafari challenges this claim, and argues that the Rastafari movement is built upon the Eurocentric Abrahamic religious foundation. In essence Rastafari is a Eurocentric faith. Within this book you will learn that the Rastafari movement had from its beginning distanced itself from its African cultural roots and designate African religious culture and traditions as Vodou and Obeah as being evil and its practitioners as devil worshipers. From Mythology to Reality: Moving Beyond Rastafari delve into the origin of the name Rastafari and its connection to the Rastafari’s or any spiritual concepts. Learn about who is Haile Selassie I. This book looks at Haile Selassie I from his life as a child through his life as a politician and the emperor of Ethiopia. Within this books, topics like the origin of the Rastafari movement, the history of Cannabis, and the effect of smoking are discussed. From Mythology to Reality: Moving Beyond Rastafari, however, is not simple a critical analysis of the Rastafari movement, but is meant to be an information source book. Within these pages you are sure to learn many new facts about Rastafari.

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“This well-researched book expertly demolishes the ridiculous notion among Rastafarians that Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is God. Moreover, Lewis offers many excellent critiques of theism, the Bible, Rastafarianism, Afrocentric thought and religion in general.”

                                                                                             – Editor and author Norm R. Allen Jr. 

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“Well thought out, thoroughly researched and packed full of information. For anyone considering Rasta as the alternative to conventional Christianity it would behoove you to read this book and reconsider, Rasta. Rastafarianism just feeds you right back into an old and biblical Old Testament belief and Seon lays out the origins and the pitfalls, layer by layer; step by step and weaves the story and history from Egypt, through Ethiopia ending up in the Caribbean. Everyone who thinks they know about Rasta or thinks that this is the alternative to boring church going for the Black People; well this expose deals a devastating blow to that alternative. I couldn’t put this book down, well written, well thought out, he lays the cold hard facts out and you make the decision, are this really the way to go for black people, is this really empowering for black women. Think again….”

                                                                 -Joy Holloway: Host of Freethinking Island Podcast show