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From Mythology to Reality

Seon M. Lewis (2012). From Mythology to Reality: Moving Beyond Rastafari, Lulu Publishing (Hard Cover & Soft Cover)

This book takes a critical look at the Rastafari Movement. It tackles Rastafari’s philosophy and Rastalogy (theology). It addresses questions such as: What does the word Rastafari means? Where did the word Rastafari originated? Is Haile Selassie God/Jesus? Is Rastafari an Afro-centric religious faith? And much more. Learn More

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Seon M. Lewis(2014). Apostate! No More Bazoodee: A Grenadian Quest to Think Outside the Box, Lulu Publishing

This book takes a critical look at the Grenadian sociocultural and sociopolitical culture. It investigates the effects these cultural experiences have on informing Grenadians’ worldviews. This book tackles, for instance, statement as “If you are not a Christian, you must be a beast.” It answers question as: How and why did this statement came into existence? What consequential effects does it has and continues to have on interpersonal relationship in Grenada? Also address is the beliefs in creatures like Lagahou and Sookooyant, their origin and how belief in them influence the interpersonal relationship. Overall, this book is designed to help the individual grow into becoming a more ethical and moral human being. Learn More