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Apostate! No More Bazoodee: A Grenadian Quest to Think Outside the Box

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In this book, the author critically analyzed certain aspects of the Grenadian sociocultural and sociopolitical culture that seek, in many ways, to minimize and suppress the individual’s search for self-identity especially as he or she tries to seeks knowledge that appears to be outside the socially accepted. This book in addition brings into focus the country’s long religious culture. It shows how this religious culture shapes, in both negative and positive ways, the sociocultural and sociopolitical aspects of the country. “Apostate! No More Bazoodee: A Grenadian Quest to Think Outside the Box” focuses on the nation’s educational system from its early roots, as an institution designed to impart religious instruction, up to the author’s time as a student within the primary and secondary educational system. It shows how this educational system influenced the thinking of most, if not all Grenadians. Weaved into the narrative, are Grenada’s folklore and folkloric creatures such as lagahou, la diablesse and sookooyant, and Grenadian’s relationship to them. “Apostate! No More Bazoodee: A Grenadian Quest to Think Outside the Box” also follows the author’s journey from parting with his childhood Christian religious worldview into adopting an Afrocentric (as a Rastafarian and a Nuwaubian) worldview, and into the world of free-thought (as an Atheist and Secular Humanist). This book, however, not only provides a critical analysis of the sociopolitical and sociocultural aspects of the country, but also provides a humanist, moral and ethical framework as a bases for how we human beings should live together.

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