Author/Humanist/Non-theist/Social Justice


Seon-BLMFirst and foremost, I am proud to be a Grenadian and a citizen of the world. 
I am a secular humanist and a non-theist. I am from the beautiful Caribbean of Grenada. I grew up in the villages of Nonpareil and Resource, in the parish of St. Mark. Before living for the United States, I worked as a substitute mathematics teacher at the St. Mark’s Secondary School (SMSS), where I also had the opportunity to received my high school education. I commends the past, present and future teachers of SMSS for their hard work and commitment to educating our young people.

I am now living in the United States, and is currently working with a non-for-profit organization in the social service field, where I have the opportunity to help the formally homeless. I am also fulfilling a long time dream of mine. I am currently enroll and pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Interdisciplinary studies, with a concentration in Cultural Studies and a focus in Philosophy, at the State University of New York (Empire State Collage). I am also the author of two books: Click Here  

One desire we all share, I am sure, is the hope of creating a more peaceful and inclusive world: A world where we can all live in peace and have the opportunity to actualized our full potential. This world, however, cannot be achieved if we are not all included, regardless of our religious beliefs, our race, our sexual orientation, etc. I believe that the way forward towards creating such a peaceful and inclusive world is through a democratic and secular humanist worldview. What is secular humanism? 

As a citizen of the world, I am passionate in helping create a moral and ethical world. A world in which the human rights and civil rights of all human beings regardless of differences are respected and protected. I am committed to social justice. I am passionate in promoting a democratic and secular worldview, in which church, temple, mosque and all religious institutions are protected but remains separate from government.  The separation of church and state.

It is my hope that my books and writings can inspire you to be an active agent for positive change towards creating a peaceful and inclusive world.

S. Lewis. 

I am an active member of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (BSEC) and a member of the Center For Inquire (CFI)–Harlem discussion group and the Black Humanist Alliance (BHA). I am currently working with other Caribbean non-believers, agnostics, freethinkers and humanists in creating the Caribbean Secular Alliance (CSA).