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THE GRENADA INFORMER: Former SMSS Student Launches New Book

On my 2015 vacation to Grenada I took the opportunity to present and promote my book “From Mythology to Reality: Moving Beyond Rastafari” directly to the Grenadian people. As a Grenadian who, at one part of my life, identified with the Rastafari movement, believe that a book like this is important to the Grenadian people especially our youths. It was my pleasure to write and present this book to the people. I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Johnson Richardson of the Informer News Paper.

The Grenada (August 7, 2015)

seon and bookPresently residing in the United States of America where he has been for the past thirteen years, former St. Mark’s Secondary School Student, (SMSS) and resident of the villages of Non-Pariel and Resource in St Mark’s, on a short visit to Grenada took the opportunity to officially release his first book “From Mythology To Reality-Moving beyond Rastafari.”

Speaking to the Grenada Informer on Saturday during the official launch of the book at the St. Mark’s Secondary School (SMSS), a place where Mr. Seon Lewis now Author/Humanist/Nontheist once sat as a student, he gave a synopsis of what his new book entails, the real reasons behind penning the contents of the three hundred and twenty-four page book and what he foresees as the future for him in writing.

Responding to what inspired him to write the book Lewis said before leaving Grenada he gravitated to the Rastafarian movement despite his limited knowledge about the movement, however he said when he migrated to the United States he learned that his younger brother had made a similar move, but he too, was just as ignorant about the movement. That he said inspired him to embark on some research for his own enlightenment and that of his brother about the movement, his discovery he said was awesome. It was then he said the idea of   the book was born, taking into account every aspect of the Rastafarian movement

Lewis said the book touches the theological aspects of the movement, its origin, it transformation from inception to the present, and as the name implies from its mythology to theology with the final chapter questioning whether or not Rastafarian as an organization is a viable alternative for human growth.

Although the book contains several chapters on various aspects of the movement, he ensured that he devoted an entire chapter to the so-called secret herb marijuana, addressing among other things the advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of the herb.  Lewis said he is not someone who promotes smoking, in-fact he believes that it’s a bad idea; he however supports the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.  He said it’s up to the reader to make the final decision.  The book also deals with women and the role of women within the movement as a separate chapter and whether or not women have a role to play in the full scheme of things within that movement. 

The fact that the book is based on information research Lewis said he took the decision to basically present the information, and let the readers decide, without giving the impression that he is pointing anyone in any particular direction.

 Responding to whether or not he is satisfied with the receivership in the community particularly among the Rastafarian movement Lewis said given the fact that the book lays out a critical analysis of the movement he is to-date satisfied with the level of response coming from the readers and although there are some critics particularly among the Rastafarian community with respect to various s of the book; that, he said is understood, and is seriously considering a second part to the book.   

 The book “Mythology to Reality” Lewis said was first published in 2012 after years of research and putting bits and pieces together. From his own experience as a Rastafarian, speaking to other members of the movement, over the internet among other methods, in-fact speaking to the challenges faced in arriving at the final product, Lewis said they were numerous however he said he takes comfort in the fact the angle taken by his book is unique from other books dealing with the Rastafarian movement.

 Lewis told the Informer it is his hope that this book would be able to bring to the fore some of the hidden truth touching and concerning Rastafarianism since he believes that although lots of people gravitate to the movement many of them are yet to understand the inner workings and what it actually means.

 Additionally having evolved from very humble beginning Lewis said it is his hope that his book would inspire other young people to get into reading and because writing he said was never part of his dream, now that he has taken a different approach to life Lewis said he wants to encourage other young people to have a dream and work towards achieving it.

 Lewis took the opportunity to thank his wife Eloise Roper-Lewis for sticking by his side in difficult times and helping him get the job done.

 His second book “Apostate! No More Bazoodee: A Grenadian Quest to Think outside the Box,” Lewis said is presently in the hands of the editors and is likely to be released before the end of the year 2015.

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