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Grenadian Men Tries to Convince the Nation the Rumor is Wrong: They are not Homosexuals

This is a story that is troubling on many levels. In fact, it exposes the hypocrisy of the Grenadian people even though they claim to be believers, Christians, if that means anything. If, as it is always claim, that when a Christian done something wrong, he or she was not, in the first place, a “true” Christian, then all of Grenadians are spurious believers, and the history of our interpersonal relationship may just bears this out to be true.

First, as absurd as this law is, I know homosexuality is a crime in Grenada, but the fact that someone has to convince the nation that he is not homosexual to be able to put bread on his table is absurd. No one should care about the sexual preference of another. It is the right of that individual to identify as such. Here is something to ponder. The sexual preference of two consenting adult is a crime in our country, yet there is no law that makes it a crime to sell tobacco products to minors. Alcohol is been sold to youths as if it was an ethical act sanction by God himself. Rapists enjoy immunity in the same communities he or she violate the humanity of a child. Yet, with these problems plaguing our society, Grenadians spend their time bickering about sexual preferences of consenting adults. Sad indeed!

There are many who do not approve of homosexuality, and that too, is their rights. However, guess what! I too have things I do not approve of. I do not approve of men wearing tight skinny-fitted, gun-mouth gens. Gens so skinny, one has to literally greased himself to slide into it. That is so – gay! Should I then ask that it become illegal to wear these pants? Should I make the lives of those who chose to wear this style a living hell? Should I discriminate against them? I will have to be nuts, crazy and deserves to be called such. We all have things we do like and others we not, but, that does not mean that other people have to conform to our likes and dislikes. 

Ooooooh, I know what you are about to say now. It’s not about your likes or dislikes. God/Jesus and the Bible said homosexuality is a sin, and Grenada is on God’s side in making it a crime against the state also. Well, guess what? If you are going to follow that law, why not follow all the biblical laws. Why not create a theocracy, while you at it. Like, let’s say, Iran. Is this the kind of nation you want to live in? I think not. Being Bible lovers, I am sure the Grenadian people are aware that the “good” book does sanction slavery, for example. Do you think it is a good idea to enslave people? By the way, many things are considered sinful according to the Bible, for example, lusting, infidelity, sex before marriage, masturbation, and the list goes on and on. In fact, sin is often been describe as ‘any behavior that does not meet the standard of God’s glory.’ Have you, the Grenadian people, met God’s standard? Whatever, that standard is. If you do, cast the first stone. Oh, you can’t. That is what I taught. 

In trying to convince me that I too should bash and hate gays, I am often asked to imagine the act, and my response is always the same. Why? Why should I? Instead I am interested in the individuals’ right to enjoy and live a full life, which is not violated by people like you. I think that the men who sit around visualizing two men in sexual acts need to reexamine their own sexual preference. Just saying.

Look, we are out of the Stone Age. Humanity has eclipse God, ethically and morally. If we were to follow God’s unchanging words, all Grenadians will be stoned to death by now. In fact, we will still be cutting pregnant women open, and dashing their babies against walls. That certainly sounds horrible, isn’t it? Well, it is, and you Grenadian people know that. I know we all are much better human beings than that. Display that! Let’s live a life of dignity, and let other human beings enjoy their lives, and that includes allowing them the freedom to choose their sexual preference. Stop being assholes!

The other aspect of this story that is troubling is, not only it was a rumor, but it appears to be the creation of a law enforcement officer. Here is where the real crime is. We suppose to trust these people, men and women in uniform. Man and women who demand respect. You can be arrested for cursing an officer. These officers cannot and should not be given respect if they are running around spreading rumors with malicious intent to damage the reputation other people. Look, these kinds of behavior is not benign. It is extremely harmful. People’s lives, families, business can be damage, as is the case here. According to the New Today, Francis, one of the victim of the rumor and “the owner of two popular buses said the driver of one of the buses informed him that whenever he passes through the St. George’s Bus Terminus he is also being heckled by the police on the alleged act of homosexuality.”

 “When they (the bus drivers) ask certain people if they are going up, they say they’re not going up with no buller man bus,” he remarked. Francis said this rumor about him is hurting his business since people are refusing to come to the barbershop.” [Source- The New Today – I am not a Homosexual]

Folks, this rumor should be taken very serious, and the police officer or police officers involved should be dwelt with in the appropriate manner. These men deserved their lives back regardless of their sexual preference. Come on Grenadians, let’s not give these scumbag police officer or officers more than they deserve.


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