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Who is Responsible?

They are viewed as being other; people leaving a troubled lifestyle; a life filled with shame and despair. I am speaking here about the gay and lesbian community. Folks, this type of world in which these people live did not manifest from thin air. So who are responsible for creating the humiliation face and the hopelessness experience by Gays and Lesbian community? The answer, I think, is simple, and I will tell you who are reasonable for making the lives of hundreds of decent people miserable.

Indeed, anyone drawn sexually to others of the same sex often finds himself or herself torn between two worlds; two worlds that is diametrically opposed to each other. One of these worlds, we are told, is moral and is approved by “God” and, the other, immoral and of the devil. This I was made to remember by the Christians I recently engaged in a conversation with. But, not so fast, “moral police”, how do you know that claim to be true. What make you right and them, you know, the people you label as immoral, and condemned to your make-believe pit of fire, are wrong.

According to these Christians and many others, the quality of life experience by gays and lesbians are of their own making. Their sexual orientation is a choice, they claim. Gays and Lesbians were not born with that predisposition. Why? Because God made man for women and women for men; not man for man and women for women, the holier-than-thou Christians assured us. Consequently, they say, Gays and Lesbians are the creators of the horrible relationship they enjoy with the society, more so religious society. To these Christians, gays and lesbians environment of alienation and feeling of despair is of their own making.

But is that true? To me, the answer is simple: No! It’s not. If one look around and pay attention or read the news, one will notice that the life of gays and lesbian is full with vicious people spelling cruel language against them and their lifestyle. I remember listening to one of Rev. Pastor Stamford Simon (Pastor of the St. George’s Baptist Church) regular sermons aired on a Grenadian online radio station Wee-fm and the hateful venomous words that came from this man’s mouth concerning gays and Atheist was appalling. Not unlike the hate mongering display by the Kansas base Westboro Baptist Church.  I was surprised that someone in the congregation didn’t shout out, Pastor, let’s get out the pitchforks! Let’s go get them. It was horrible, indeed. Certainly, one has a right to decent, but to incite hate, which is what he is doing, is wrong and immoral. And yet this hate preaching pastor is given the time on radio stations that serve the Grenadian public. Shame, Shame, Shame!

Indeed, if these angered people get their way, elimination gays and lesbian (including nonbelievers) from the earth do not appear to be a problem to them. Let’s hope, however, that the people in Rev. Pastor Stamford Simon’s church are much more moral than he is. So far they have shown that they are. Let’s hope that they are not push to hate others where they are willing to act on their conviction. Please, Grenada is a peaceful, loving country and we like it to remain that way. With such hope and punishment for acts of violence against others in place, these hateful, so-called God fearing people are in check, but, on the other hand, some do act out as these tragic stories bellow show.

The recent tragic death of a New Jersey college student who took his own life after two fellow students secretly recorded him having sex in his dorm room and broadcast it over the internet is a testament to the dreadfulness gays and lesbians face as they try to leave a normal life, and this is especially true for young teenagers.

Indeed, according to 8newsnow reporting on “a youth group meeting” held in Southern Nevada, Suicide is a growing problem among homosexual teens”. According to the report “During a youth group meeting of Gay and Lesbian community center of Southern Nevada…..all but one of the 16 teens attending said they have thought about killing themselves.”

Is this scary thought a result of these young people sexual orientation? Certainly, not! One has to be very incentive and, or, ill-informed to answer yes to that. As one teen attending the meeting say “(I was) teased, shoved in the lockers, my head smashed, and I got beat up like every day”. This is the real reason. The way these innocent people are treated in society is reprehensible, and, it is the tormentors’ religious conviction/s that is the reason for that treatment.

Indeed, I agree that gays and lesbians are caught between two worlds, but they are not the creators of these worlds. They are the creation of religious people. Gays and lesbians, I am quite sure, see one world; A world where individuals sexual orientation is of no one business, a world where everyone can leave a loving, peaceful and rewarding life.

Sadly, however, we are leaving in a world where different worlds are mentally created, most often by people captivated by religion where a We (the in-group) vs. Them (the out-group) are manufactured; a world where villains are manufactured in the name of an unknown God or gods.

So, this is the answer the question. It is the religious collective society that is the guilty party. They are the people who congregate in their “God houses” and upon their pulpits push kind loving people to hate others because of trivial differences. Indeed, it is the Christians among whom I live who are responsible. The religious community worldwide is responsible. You are the ones guilty for the despair, the depression and the hopelessness that engulf the lives of innocent loving people who just want to live a free and fulfilling life.

– So say Shango


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