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NEW POST: Carnival as a Vehicle for Social Justice Advocacy

Summer is upon us once again, and one of the many activities Caribbean people anticipate during this time is carnival. Many of us will be vacationing to our respective home countries to participate in the many carnival celebrations that will engulf each nation. The Caribbean carnival experience, of course, has also been transplanted within the Caribbean diaspora. In New York City, for example, we are also eagerly anticipating the Labour Day celebration on Eastern Parkway, where every (or almost all) Caribbean country will have the opportunity to showcase their colors (flags), their music, their food, and their hospitality in spectacular fashion. It is indeed a time of beauty; a time to have fun, and an opportunity to display one’s patriotism to his or her country.  

As I, however, anticipate the coming amusement of this carnival season, I am moved to think about carnival from a different perspective. Is the amusement that carnival brings, all there is to the celebration?  Is it simply a time to have fun? Should it be seen as a time to become oblivious to the many social, cultural and political problems we are facing? Is it a time for us to put aside the fight to create a better world and have fun? To these questions, I will certainly answer no. However, in my day as a carnival reveler (well somewhat), and as does many today appears to think, I thought that carnival was simply a time to indulge and have fun. Read More

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